Abuela Azteca chocolate
Abuela Azteca chocolate

Abuela Azteca chocolate

An ode to the deep wisdom passed down by our beloved grandmothers. Stone ground microcosmic chocolate.Zenbunni microcosmic bars are small, hence “micro” – roughly the size of a domino – 9g each.  Free of dairy, gluten, refined sugar and soy. 70% Dark Cacao
  • Beyond organic cacao
  • Rare cane jaggery organic cacao butter
  • Beyond organic cayenne pepper
  • Organic chipolte & chilli acho
  • Maple Crystals
  • Smoked Salt

Facility processes tree nuts

  • Exclusive to Benah in Australia and New Zealand
  • Handmade in Topanga Canyon, California

Zen & Bunni meticulously travel and search the world over to find a rare breed of farmers that use ancient methods to grow their food. Harmonizing with nature, they use the moon and study the cosmos to plant and harvest their food, inoculate their soil with micro-organisms, spray their farms with quartz crystal infused water, cultivate within what already exists and work with the wild elements at hand, they are 'biodynamic' farmers.

True stewards looking to and sourcing from the land, 'these' are the people Zen & Bunni look to for their ingredients.


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