Protection is key and how you care for your leather will directly affect the lifespan of your handbag. Leather is a natural organic material and therefore inconsistency in colour and texture are unique characteristics. Leather is designed to age with wear. It may fade and soften over time bringing a unique patina to the individual skin and product.

As leather is a skin it should be treated in the same way as you would your own.You must use a leather cream once a month to moisturise and prevent the skin from drying out and flaking. This will also protect your handbag against some general wear and tear and help keep the leather supple.

Please note that some protectant wax products may alter the hue of dyed leather, so test first on an inconspicuous corner. To avoid fading keep out of direct sunlight when not in use and always store in the original dust bag with stuffing to help it retain its shape and structure.Never store your handbag in plastic as it must be able to breath. Air once every two weeks to halt the growth of mildew or dampness.

Leather is prone to migration or colour transfer. In particular please take care when wearing items such as denim or dark colours.  Any rubbing or continual wear will discolour your handbag or cause the skin to lose its top layers, in particular long haired calf skin.

Leather is permeable so susceptible to grease, make-up, and water. You must take care to avoid contact with liquids. If your handbag does come in contact with excess water, it is best to leave air dry. Never use heat to accelerate the drying process. This will cause the leather to dry inconsistently.


Protection is the key to prolonging the lifespan of your leather and cotton/linen canvas handbag. We have applied a waterproof finish to the canvas that will endure use and keep looking new with regular care, cleaning and correct storage.

Clean the canvas regularly by using a soft dry bristle brush to avoid any build up of dust or dirt that may lead to prolonged stains. Always brush gently with a soft dry bristle brush or sponge to remove any surface dust or dirt first.

Using a clean sponge spot clean using clean water, allow to dry completely. Never scrub harshly at your cotton/linen canvas or this may damage the waterproofing. Avoid the water from coming in contact with any leather trim as this can leave water marks.

As with leather, canvas is prone to migration or colour transfer. In particular please take care when wearing items such as denim or dark colours. 

Never expose your canvas to cleaning solvents, moisturiser or other similar beauty fluids. Always make sure you store your bag in the cotton dust bag provided as dust is the number one cause of stains and marks on the canvas. Never store your handbag with in it's dust bag without it being completely dry to avoid the growth of mildew from dampness. 

Always check with your local leather expert or email us us for any concerns and recommendations on using protection and cleaning products on Benah leather and canvas products.

Benah will not assume any responsibility for misuse or effects of personal wear and tear.