Introducing Pūrotu Rose pocket parfum

The latest captivating scent by Curionoir




Curio Noir - A pocket full of absolute parfum

Pūrotu Rose, meaning Handsome Rose in Maori, is the latest captivating unisex perfume to be released by Curionoir, New Zealand’s luxurious home and beauty brand. Deeply sentimental, this CN Parfum is inspired from a Tangi, where soil, smoke and rose scents filled the air.

With notes of Rose Otto Absolute, Rose de Mai, Bitter Orange, Cumin, Pink Pepper, Haiti Vetyver and Cistus, balanced out with Teak Wood and Javanese Vetyver, this is not a scent for the faint-hearted.

Tiffany Jeans, Creator of Curionoir says, “Pūrotu Rose is a spicy, woody, dirty rose fragrance and a meaningful fragrance for me. It is inspired from a childhood memory I have at my Great Grandfather ’s tangi (funeral).”

“The day was incredibly hot, and three very distinct scents filled the air – a rich, earthy scent from the soil; smoke from the hangi cooking for lunch and the sweet scent of roses that adorned the tables.”

“The resulting Parfum is some what of a paradox – it is a rosy scent that is deeply spicy with wooden undertones, and is an extract de parfum for men and women.”

Pūrotu Rose is the fifth CN Parfum to join the perfumery line, made from the finest notes, mixed in Grasse and bottled in the flagship store.

  • Rose Otto Absolute
  • Rose de Mai
  • Bitter Orange
  • Cumin
  • Pink Pepper
  • Haiti Vetyver
  • Cistus
  • Teak Wood
  • Javanese Vetyver
  • 5 ml
  • Exclusive to Benah in Australia

‘for those with a fascination for the interesting and uncommon

In Tiffany’s products you will find a celebration of fine craft, the uncommon, and days of old. Experiencing them, you may share in her wonder at the beauty of biology. And through them Tiffany’s heritage is passed on, her gift to you: Curio Noir.

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